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Review: Henry McKenna Single Barrel BiB

Henry McKenna is an inexpensive by-product from the folks at Heaven Hill. Think Jim Beam, Evan Williams, and Elijah Craig. Had it not been for a fellow bourbon enthusiast who asked for this at my local store, I never would have had the chance to taste it. To him I am thankful for providing that opportunity. With the current whiskey boom it has been difficult finding sub-$30 bottles that are worth it. Read More

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Review: Orphan Barrel Lost Prophet

Orphan Barrel Lost Prophet is the latest offering from Diageo, which is their fourth release. This old guy has been aged 22 years, being distilled at the George T. Stagg facilities in 1991. It finished aging at the famed Stitzler-Weller warehouse before being purchased by Diageo and moving to Tullahoma, TN to be bottled.
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Buffalo Trace Releases New Experimental Collection

Earlier this year Buffalo Trace kicked off their first Experimental Collection release. It was a unique set of three different whiskeys aged for the same amount of time. The big difference being they were stored for years on three different floors of the same warehouse. Once they were released it was apparent that even this seemingly small change can make a huge impact in the taste. Read More

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Review: Stagg Jr. Barrel Proof Bourbon

Many of you may be familiar with the Stagg name when it comes to bourbon, in particular George T. Stagg (GTS). GTS is part of the annual Buffalo Trace Antique Collection and is always highly sought after. Stagg Jr. is a newer brand and the little brother to GTS. Don’t let the “Jr.” fool you though. With this being barrel proof, you’re getting a 128.7 proof bourbon that isn’t for the faint of heart. Expect that to vary as there will be numerous releases per year. Read More

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Review: Black Maple Hill Rye 2014

Black Maple Hill bourbon and rye have been on my list to try for over a year. I’ve been so intrigued with them because opinions seem to vary greatly. Some will say it’s not worth the ~$80 price tag, some will say it’s one of the best whiskeys out, and others will say it’s decent but something in the sourcing has changed. I couldn’t take reading all of these opinions anymore so it was best to try it myself. It’s suggested that you do the same. Read More